Ghana Cedi now ranked the worst currency in Africa

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The Ghana cedi is now the worst-performing currency among Africa’s top currencies, following its depreciation by about 7.6% to the dollar from January 1, to February 25, 2022.

The local currency has overtaken the Zambian kwacha, which was the worst-performing currency on the continent two weeks ago. Both Ghana and Zambia have challenges in addressing their escalating debts as well as struggling with revenue mobilisation and expenditure management.

This affirms some economists and analysts’ assertion that all concerns regarding the Electronic Transaction Levy must be addressed and passed immediately by Parliament. If not the depreciating cedi will affect the budget of most corporate institutions as well as reduce the disposable income of consumers.

But there could be some hope going forward as the World Bank Group has approved a five-year Country Partnership Framework for Ghana from this year till 2026.

This will see the injection of $4.5 billion into the economy, in the next five years.

The CPF will support Ghana in its COVID-19 and medium-term development agenda. It is designed around three mutually reinforcing focus areas, namely: Enhancing Conditions for Private Sector Development and Quality Job Creation; Improving Inclusive Service Delivery, and Promoting Resilient and Sustainable Development.

The cedi is presently hovering around ¢7.05 to the US dollar, compared with about ¢6.51 to a dollar in December 31, 2021

Meanwhile, the Namibian dollar overtook the South African rand as the best performing currency in Africa so far this year with an appreciation of 4.12% to the dollar. The South African rand is 2nd also with an appreciation of 3.68% to the dollar.


Namibian dollar4.49%1st
South African rand3.68%2nd
Botswana pula1.17%3rd
Tunisia dinar0.75%4th
Uganda shilling0.46%5th
Egypt Pound0.02%6th
Malawi kwacha0.00%7th
Tanzania shilling-0.02%8th
Kenya shilling-0.06%9th
Nigerian naira-0.70%10th
Mauritius rupee-0.75%11th
Côte d’Ivoire CFA-0.9012th
Morocco dirham-2.56%13th
Zambia kwacha-5.98%14th
Ghana cedi-7.6015th


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