Jobberman Ghana, TATC Introduces Talent Management To Their Line Of Services

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The youth of Ghana in search of jobs currently have the opportunity of not only acquiring jobs but also improving their skills through education and upskilling for personal growth.

Jobberman Ghana, Ghana’s #1 online recruiting platform, and its parent firm, The African Talent Company (TATC), have announced the ‘Unlocking the next level of talent management in Africa’ project to close the talent gap in Ghana and across Africa.

Since its inception in Ghana in 2012, the company has grown to become one of the country’s most trusted human resource partners, amassing a database of over 600,000 eligible CVs and hundreds of active jobs per day for over 21,000 employers.

Jobberman Ghana and its mother firm, The African Talent Company, have expanded their scope to span the whole spectrum of African talent management by tackling difficulties that exist in labor markets on the continent as part of their efforts to assist more job searchers and African youth.

TATC is better positioned to meet employers where they are and successfully match them with the top talent recruiters, thanks to the launch of this new brand.

“We want to focus not just on digital recruitment which are market leaders in all our markets. But also move on to a lot of hybrid recruitment, meeting the customer where they are whether it’s off site or online, outsourcing and BPO which are new ways of working in our markets, and finally also working with partnerships that aim at up skilling job seekers and preparing them for work.”

“This is to make sure that job seekers on the platform also get benefits beyond just finding a job. How do they grow, build their careers, and understand how to be successful in the workplace? This is the goal of TATC and the reason why we’ve expended our mandate such that we can be more relevant to the labor market of today and tomorrow.”

Jobberman Ghana’s Chief Executive Officer, Hilda Nimo-Tieku, said the new mandate fits into the government’s strategy to close the country’s unemployment gap.

“We want to do more so we are trying to get more employers to come with us. In the past, we were just a job portal where people come in and place their jobs but now, we can help people train to be better at their jobs. We do mentoring, coaching sessions and CV clinics. So we’re expanding the scope and we felt it will be good to rebrand so people can come to us for their needs.”

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