How The Whatsapp Business App Can Boost Your Business. Learn The Tricks

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WhatsApp business has been developed for small businesses that sell and interact with customers on WhatsApp. Customers using normal Whatsapp can chat and make calls with businesses.

For Customers

  • It is helpful in locating a trusted business.There are 3 categories of accounts namely Verified,Confirmed and Business account.

  • You can know the details about a business in WhatsApp itself including location,website,working hours etc and stay updated with the latest products.

For Business owners

  • It increases your brand value when you are present in all social media platform.WhatsApp is no exception.Try getting your account verified to earn the trust of your potential leads.
  • Usage of label chats are easy to filter your type of customers and dues.


  • Away messages,Greeting messages and quick replies are a perk.
  • Try updating your status regularly to remind your presence.

Pros and Cons

  • Earlier,it was very difficult to manage personal messages and business contacts in the same phone. Using Parallel Space was quite okay,but it dried out my battery fast and phone hung often. WhatsApp business had resolved this.
  • The main disadvantage that i find is that the Broadcast is not working properly. Broadcasting through WhatsApp business is not a good idea as it is very slow and the messages are not delivered,although the recipient has saved my number.
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