How To Apply For Instant Loan on FIDO

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Fido Micro Credit (FIDO) is a financial institution based in Accra, Ghana and licensed by Bank of Ghana.

FIDO provides fast and easy short-term loans, called FIDO Loans to customers directly from their own mobile device within minutes.

The loan is available to salaried, contracted and self-employed professionals. To access FIDO Loans, you need will need a verified ID and mobile money account before disbursement of the money.

First time borrowers are eligible for a maximum of 200 GHC to be paid within 10 to 33 days. Paying FIDO loan on time can get you a higher amount and reduced interest as you climb the ladder up to a maximum of 1000 GHS.

There are absolutely no collateral or guarantors are required. To apply for FIDO Loan follow the process below;

Who is Eligible?

  • To qualify for a FIDO Loans, you need a valid ID (ID Type: Driver’s License, NHIA Membership, Voter ID, National ID or Passport)
  • Mobile Money account: You must be legally registered on either MTN Mobile Money or AirtelTigo Money for at least two months.
  • You must be a resident in Ghana over the age of 18 years.

How to Apply for FIDO Loans

  1. Download the FIDO Mobile App on (currently available for Android phones only) via or Google play ( on your android phone.
  2. Apply by filling Loan Application Form through the mobile app.
  3. If your application is successful, follow the instruction on the confirmation screen to know what to do next.

The money will be sent to your Mobile Money Account (as per your choice in the app) immediately or the next business day depending on your ID and account type.


The interest rates for new customers starts at 14% for 30 days. Returning customers having a good history of paying your loans with Fido on time get better interest rate on future loans, the lowest interest rate is 8% for 30 days.

How long does it take to get approved for FIDO Loans

Within one minute after submission, a credit decision will be shown on the screen. However, FIDO app evaluates each loan application and reserve the right to reject some applications. The decision cannot be reversed until after 2 weeks.

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