How To Start A Drop Shipping Business

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There are a number of ways to go about drop shipping. The first thing you are going to need is a way to sell the products.

For this we recommend Shopify. If you don’t know, Shopify is a hosted eCommerce solution. We chose Shopify  based on these reasons;

  1. Their servers seem to be responsive, sites load fast
  2. Really easy to set up
  3. A ton of great apps to help conversions
  4. Nice free themes
  5. Integrated payment processor

Then you have to find a drop shipper. There are a ton of options. The bottom line is the margins are going to be kinda crappy. Since the drop shipper has to make a cut they’re going to charge a fee. Which is totally fair for the service they are providing. The problem is you are competing with people who are buying the same products wholesale. If you’re going to be in the drop shipping game you cannot compete on price. Your two competitive advantages are:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Marketing

Now people will tell you different things. But when you are drop shipping it’s probably best to stick with a specific niche. And then get really narrow. So if you want to sell jewelry, maybe you focus on bracelets, or even a specific type of bracelet like a bangle. Or if you’re focusing on fitness wear, maybe you only try to sell Yoga pants. Amazon is the company that dominates online shopping right now. And even they started in a small niche when they were just an online bookseller.

Stick with what works and methods that are proven.

The other benefit of sticking with a smaller niche is you can better target your ads. Facebook is great for this. Oh and by the way, if you weren’t planning on spending money on ads you should probably consider a different business. People aren’t going to just show up at your store.

Written by : Brian Brewer

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