How To Sustain Your Business In Ghana Using These Tips

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Surviving a business is one hell of a task. In Ghana here , it’s for the fittest because it involves a lot of risk-tasking.

Due to the saturated nature of the business sphere in Ghana , the market place out here is very competitive.

As a business owner for the past 6 years , i have followed and applied some basic principles & ethics and that has contributed to my business surviving. I have listed a few below.

  • Do not Trust anyone more than yourself and your instincts : No matter how close one is to you, Never ever trust anyone completely.
  • Never take any decisions when you are happy or sad. If possible sleep it over and then make decisions. Impulsive decisions will always cost to heavily.
  • Do not Lose you Ethics, Remember you may get heights instantly by being unethical but the sooner you get those heights the sooner you’ll lose them.
  • Good Business is like concrete the more it will get wet and get dry (the experiences it will gain over time) the better it will be. Do not get dishearten by failures in your business carrier the water which falls on concrete only make it stronger for future.
  • Consumer is King, in today’s world I guess it goes unsaid, Your consumer is practically the best source of your income so when you make expenses on your customers you are actually investing in your business (There is a difference between expenses and investments)
  • People are not fair, Partners in a business should always be the ones whom you trust your life with.
  • Never dilute Business with Personal Relationships.
  • One last thing and hopefully the most import thing to remember is make people work with you not for you.
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