Vodafone Ghana offers ‘Ready Loan’; Here’s How to Apply

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Vodafone Cash Ready Loan is a Credit facility for active Vodafone customers and Vodafone Cash users. Ready Loan was introduced by Vodafone Ghana in partnership with CBG to help its customers during Financial crisis.

The Ready Loan is a short term cash loan paid into your MoMo wallet by Vodafone Cash at your convenience. If you want to apply for the new Vodafone Cash Ready Loan, all you need is a registered and active Vodafone SIM Card.

How to make your Loan Repayment

Loan Repayment is fixed for 30 days after which it will be deducted from your Vodafone Cash account. However you can make payment before the due date. You can successfully make repayment in Full or Partial with a well-funded account.

How to take bigger loans

  • You must increase your activities on Vodafone and be an active user of Vodafone Cash.
  • You must also ensure your payment of Ready Loan and other bills are made on time.
  • You must also not default.

How to Apply for Vodafone Ready Loan

  • Dial *110#
  • Select 5 for Financial Services
  • Select 3 for Loans
  • Select 1 for Ready Loan
  • Select 2 for to request for Ready Loan
  • Select 1 to opt in
  • Read the Terms and Enter your Pin
  • Select Option 1 to view Offers
  • Enter your preferred amount between 50GH to 1000
  • Enter Option 1 to Confirm repayment Plan

After Confirming repayment, you will an SMS of the Loan amount you requested and the applicable service fee for the transaction.

Once the transaction is done, Vodafone Ready Loan will loan you the preferred amount directly into your Vodafone Cash Account which you can check via *110#.

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