How to Apply for Sponsor License Application in 2022

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The biggest challenge faced by the UK employers is the ongoing shortage of skilled staff, as a result the employers are facing economic difficulties. But post pandemic and Brexit, the UK Home Office has seen tremendous rise in the Sponsor licence applications.

Furthermore, once you have a sponsor licence you are likely to eliminate the skilled shortage gap to a lot of extent.

Above all, it is critical to understand that any UK employer whether owning a small, medium or large business cannot hire overseas staff unless they have a valid sponsor licence from the Home Office.

Let us understand how to make your application easy in 2022.

Main requirements for application

There are a few important things to keep in mind when applying for sponsor licence

  1. Your business organisation should be genuinely trading in the UK, without breaking any law.
  2. Your organisation must be honest, dependable and reliable to be considered for a sponsor licence.
  3. You must prove that you are able to fulfill legal obligations and sponsorship duties within the time frame defined.
  4. Your organisation must offer genuine vacancy to the overseas skilled staff which fulfils accurate pay rates and well defined skill.

To set up that you are a veritable association working legitimately in the UK, you should present various organization related reports. The specific archives will rely on the kind of association that you are and the levels that you wish to support transients under.

The UK Home office will evaluate whether you are straightforward, trustworthy and solid by checking out your set of experiences and foundation, just as that of the key faculty named on your application and any individuals engaged with the everyday running of your business.

The UK Home Office will analyze your present HR and enrollment rehearses to ensure that you can satisfy your support obligations.

Under the validity test, the UK Home office will check out the job that you are looking to enlist unfamiliar nationals for, and the degree to which this job fits inside your association overall.

What else do you need to know about application?

You can apply for a support permit on the web. Toward the finish of the application, you should print out the accommodation sheet and post it to UK Visas and Immigration, alongside the right supporting archives.

Most sponsor licence applications are handled inside about two months.

As a component of the application process, UK Visas and Immigration might visit your business premises to check on the off chance that it fulfills the set sponsorship models.

It is significant that your  application is arranged cautiously, as there is no right of allure if your permit application is denied. In case you are rejected a permit, you will most likely be unable to apply again for as long as five years, contingent upon the conditions.

Once your application is approved you are given sponsor licence rating(A rating) and a Sponsorship Management System (SMS) to begin working on. You can then start hiring overseas candidates and assign them the certificate of sponsorship.

You need to pay £536 for small organisation, and £1476 for medium or large business.

Legal assistance for a successful application

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