How to Check School Placement on Mobile Phone using SMS

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School placement for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) into senior high (SHS), technical, and vocational institutions has been scheduled by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

In this article, you will go through how to purchase check your SHS school placement using short codes.

Below are the steps to check your SHS Placement using a mobile phone.

  • Go to Compose Message on your phone, type your index number Eg: 100000000022 and send to short code 1060.
  • The last two digits is your year of completion. So remember to add it to your index number and send. EG: If you completed in 2020, type 100000000022 and send to 1060.
  • You will receive SMS Alert and details of the school placement. (if this does not work, follow this process.)

For complaints and inquiries, Call the CSSPS help line via 0900 800 700, 0302 987 654

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