Lancaster University Ghana trains 21 Vodafone Ghana staff on AI

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Internationally acclaimed tertiary school, Lancaster University Ghana (LUG) has equipped twenty-one staff of Vodafone Ghana with training on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The course, which was facilitated by the Deputy Head of the LUG Computer Science Department, Dr. Pius Gadosey, focused on introducing AI and ML concepts, algorithms, practical applications, current possibilities, and limitations.

The staff spent eight weeks of training, talked about the need for responsible AI research and development for business growth.

The Provost of LUG, Dr. Emmanuel Arthur underscored the essence of the training, reiterating the need for the individual to learn continually to advance their career path due to the evolving nature of the work and technological space at the closing ceremony.

He added that the university is on the course of helping institutions bridge gaps in terms of needed skill sets and equipping them for efficiency and career progression.

Dr. Arthur added that “career progression and enhancement is an institutional responsibility but also importantly the responsibility of the individual in the quest to fashion out their career hence the need to invest the available resources to make the best of their qualification.”

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