iOS 16 Features : Customized Locked Screens, iMessage, Apple Pay And More

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iOS 16 will include a customizable lock screen that includes a variety of effects, gadgets, backgrounds, live exercises, and warnings. Beginning with a sophisticated effect, consumers will be able to use images as a backdrop, with the subject of the photographs placed before the time on the lock screen, creating a sense of profundity.

When devices are enabled, the iOS 16 lock screen will display more information at first, such as upcoming schedule events, weather, battery levels, cautions, time zones, and so on. Apart from photographs, the iOS 16 will feature an exhibition of Apple assortments for use as live backdrops, such as a weather conditions backdrop to see live weather patterns as they change throughout the day; and a space science backdrop to see perspectives on the Earth, moon, and planetary group. The lock screen’s live workouts component is meant to help clients keep track of things that are happening in real time, such as a sporting event, an exercise, a ride-offer, or a meal delivery request.

Aside from personalized lock screen insight, iOS 16 will include a ‘iCloud Shared Photo Collection,’ which will serve as a standard library for family photos. It’s a separate iCloud library where up to six clients can choose to share existing photos from their own libraries.

Apple Messages is getting a makeover with iOS 16. Clients will wish to change or review recently transmitted messages, recover recently erased messages, and mark discussions as uninitiated so they may return to them later with the new OS. SharePlay will also be available in Messages. SharePlay, which is compatible with Apple iOS 15, allows users to share movies and music with others via FaceTime. With iOS 16, the usefulness has been extended to Messages, allowing clients to enjoy matched up happy like flicks or melodies as well as sharing playing controls while on the go.

The iOS 16 is additionally set to carry new mail insight with highlights like timetable, review, remind later, follow up ideas, and that’s just the beginning. Also, the mail application on the iOS 16 will carry the greatest update to look with more important, precise, and complete outcomes.

Live Text is another iOS 15 feature that is expected to improve in iOS 16. The Live Text feature will be expanded to include video in the next version of iPhone OS. Clients can pause a movie on any device and converse via on-screen text. In addition, the Live Text will get a ‘Visual Look Up’ feature, which will let users to tap and hold on a picture’s subject to lift it from the foundation and place it in apps like Messages. The Visual Look Up component will function with humans, but it will also be able to recognize birds, bugs, and sculptures.


Apart from the previously mentioned highlights, there are also useful features such as Apple Pay Later and Order Tracking. However, these features are confined to a few countries where Apple Pay is accepted on the web or in-app through the Mastercard organization. Similarly, iOS 16 will include a new CarPlay feature. In any case, Apple did not specify if it will be available in all countries.


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