Reason Why Iphone SE (2020) Is Worth Its Price.

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The new Iphone SE (2020) released by Apple is worth its selling price some factors might dissuade you from buying.We have added prices from other countries too

Yes, it makes complete sense to buy this if you are in the US (at $399 for 64GB variant it more than you can ask for). Although with prices varying for different places, based on your location the price might be on a bit higher side, eg. In India the 64GB variant could cost up to $600.

Also, if you are using iPhone SE, 6 or 7 it’d be a perfect upgrade for you. Because this phone would get definitely get software update for at least 2–3 years or more.

But if you are using iPhone 8, we might not recommend upgrading to iPhone SE

The basic idea, that you must have known by now is that this is a combination of chipset of iPhone 11 interior with the body of iPhone 8. In short, iPhone SE is a powerhouse. Coming back to the specifications Apple did a stellar job.

  1. The phone comes with 4.7″ retina IPS LCD display, it’s not OLED nor is it something too fancy. But I can promise you that it’s going to be way better than it’s Android counterparts. The phone boasts a true-tone display. As stated by many reviewers, brightness might become an issue if you have gotten used to thee current day super bright devices. Some people might find the screen tiny, because these days the average size is around ~5.5″. So it might boil down to personal inclination.
  2. The single lens 12MP main Camera, oh it’s just awesome, and 7MP front camera is more than enough to capture any given subject under decent lighting conditions. The camera also supports 4K video with upto 60 fps, in essence it means the video quality is just too good. One drawback is that there’s no night mode so low light photography might not be as expected.
  3. Return of home button and Touch ID, Apple did hear the prayers of so many people who missed this magical button, would it be an overstatement if I said the home button was the soul of iPhone for a long time?
  4. Platform, the iPhone SE 2020 comes with A13 Bionic chipset(one used in iPhone 11 pro). This means you will have great photos, battery optimization, fast response rate and seamless experience. The phone will come with iOS 13, so that’s something.
  5. The battery life is good, although please don’t expect an outstanding wake time, at 1821 mAh the battery might just be able to cruise through the day with normal usage. So it shouldn’t be a problem.
  6. It’s light weight, just 148 gm, with a sexy glass back (to support wireless charging) and not to mention IPS 67 water resistant upto 1m

Check out the price for 64GB for different countries here ;



Canada-CAD 599

Australia-AUD 749





Russia-RUB 39,990

UAE-AED 1,699

Hong Kong-HKD 3,399

China-CNY 3,299

India-INR 42,500

Unofficially, SE means special edition, and this phone is indeed special. It’s loaded with so many good features, to a point where your jaw might drop but at the end of the day you gave to decide if this is a screen size you want, or is this the battery you are ok with. Remember, iPhone will give you an average usage of 3–4 good years, the phone will definitely be feeded with recent updates too. So yeah!

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