Here are some very Useful Hotel Hacks you can undertake

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We bring to you some very useful hotel hack incase you visit any awesome hotel.

  1. If the room has a desk, it will be filled to its brim with advertisement for things to visit in the city, the hotel restaurant menu, emergency numbers and stuff you will not need. If you work a bit in the evening, there is a fair chance that you will spread your gear on that desk and the risks of forgetting something (including confidential documents) mixed up in these fliers is high. So do yourself a favour, pack these in a tight space on the floor or in a drawer away from sight. That way, it will be easier to ensure that you do not leave anything behind. Personally, putting that clutter away makes the room less stressful.
  2. For some awkward reason, there may not be a AC outlet near your night stand, and the closest one may be in the entrance of the room. As it happen, that useless TV has an outlet waiting to be repurposed.
  3. If you are able to scout the place or if you have been there before, book your room as close to breakfast as possible. That way you do not need to wait for the elevator – or you can just climb the stairs when you want to head back to your room.
  4. If you want to leave after breakfast, you can take your stuff with you and locate a bathroom in the lobby to brush your teeth before heading out to avoid a stopover in your room. Everybody will be busy checking out or having breakfast so the bathroom should be empty if you need to put on a tie or something similar.
  5. If you need extra towels because you have been out jogging, consider stopping by the gym where towels are available. This will be faster than hunting down housekeeping at 21:00 in the evening.
  6. Fast checkouts are really convenient, but it can be quite complicated to get refunds in case something is charged by mistake. Consider settling the bill the night before, and indicate whether or not you will be having breakfast.
  7. Sort through that stack of pillows on the bed. Different shape pillows means different softness. Pick the one you like the most and discard the other ones on the sofa, the seat, on the other side of the bed or the floor as a last resort. Your neck will thank you for it.
  8. If you plan on spending more than a night in the same hotel, unpack your stuff in the shelves. You will save time searching for things, and messing up your neatly packed suitcase.
  9. A PJ and a pair of comfy socks should also help you relax and feel homely and unwind.
  10. Be nice to housekeepers. I can’t imagine serial cleaning other people stuff on a schedule for a living… So move all the towels in the bath tub. Throw away anything that needs to be thrown away in the bin, and bring the pillow back on the bed. That way, you will be assured that you have not left anything behind. And if you do, guess what, they will bring it back to the housekeeping office in no time because they did not have to sift through your mess.


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