Ghana Zip Code: Accra, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Tema

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A ZIP Code is a postal code introduced on July 1, 1963, which consisted of five digits. It was introduced to “enable inexperienced clerks to sort mail without having to learn the delivery area of each city carrier.”

The word ‘ZIP’ is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. The introduction made it faster and more efficient to deliver mails with ZIP codes. Ever since it was implemented, countries across the world, and in Africa.

What is Ghana’s Zip Code?

Ghana’s zip codes, on most e-commerce platforms, online forms or websites which are 00233 and 23321. Ghana uses zip code to help deliver mails and other packages to the Post Office Box where you can retrieve your items. Regardless, you can use these zip codes on platforms that don’t recognize your postal code or district code.

However, in 2017, Ghana adopted the postal code following the launch of the National Digital Address System. Ghana’s postal codes are alphanumeric, and the first two characters form the postcode district – the first letter represents the region, and the second character represents the district in which the address is located.

The next three to five digits represent the postcode area and identify a more precise location within the area. Together, the postcode district and postcode area form the postal code.

Examples of postal codes are GA107, EO1070, and N503074.

Zip Code For Accra

Residents of Accra can use the zipcode, GA078 which GA represents “Accra Metropolitan District” and the number 078 is the area code for Gold Coast City. Adenta or Tema Zip code will be the same mainly because they are both in the Accra region.

Postal Code For Kumasi

Kumasi zip code or postal code, is AK-039-5028. The A represents Ashanti Region, K is the Kumasi District and 039 sub-districts.

Takoradi & Cape Coast Zip Code

Cape Coast zip code is CC453 and  Takoradi postal is WS857.

See all the list of Postcodes in Ghana

RegionPostcode district
Ashanti RegionAA
Ashanti RegionAB
Ashanti RegionAC
Ashanti RegionAD
Ashanti RegionAE
Ashanti RegionAF
Ashanti RegionAG
Ashanti RegionAH
Ashanti RegionAI
Ashanti RegionAJ
Ashanti RegionAK
Ashanti RegionAM
Ashanti RegionAN
Ashanti RegionAO
Ashanti RegionAP
Ashanti RegionAQ
Ashanti RegionAR
Ashanti RegionAS
Ashanti RegionAT
Ashanti RegionAU
Ashanti RegionAV
Ashanti RegionAW
Ashanti RegionAX
Ashanti RegionAY
Ashanti RegionAZ
Ashanti RegionA2
Ashanti RegionA3
Ashanti RegionA4, A9
Ashanti RegionA6
Ashanti RegionA7
Brong Ahafo RegionBA
Brong Ahafo RegionBB
Brong Ahafo RegionBC
Brong Ahafo RegionBD
Brong Ahafo RegionBE
Brong Ahafo RegionBF
Brong Ahafo RegionBG
Brong Ahafo RegionBH
Brong Ahafo RegionBI
Brong Ahafo RegionBJ
Brong Ahafo RegionBK
Brong Ahafo RegionBL
Brong Ahafo RegionBN
Brong Ahafo RegionBO
Brong Ahafo RegionBP
Brong Ahafo RegionBQ
Brong Ahafo RegionBR
Brong Ahafo RegionBS
Brong Ahafo RegionBT
Brong Ahafo RegionBU
Brong Ahafo RegionBV
Brong Ahafo RegionBW
Brong Ahafo RegionBX
Brong Ahafo RegionBY
Brong Ahafo RegionBZ
Brong Ahafo RegionB2
Brong Ahafo RegionB3
Central RegionCA
Central RegionCB
Central RegionCC
Central RegionCE
Central RegionCF
Central RegionCG
Central RegionCH
Central RegionCI
Central RegionCJ
Central RegionCK
Central RegionCM
Central RegionCO
Central RegionCP
Central RegionCR
Central RegionCS
Central RegionCT
Central RegionCU
Central RegionCV
Central RegionCW
Central RegionCX
Eastern RegionEA
Eastern RegionEB
Eastern RegionED
Eastern RegionEE
Eastern RegionEF
Eastern RegionEG
Eastern RegionEH
Eastern RegionEI
Eastern RegionEJ
Eastern RegionEK
Eastern RegionEL
Eastern RegionEM
Eastern RegionEN
Eastern RegionEO
Eastern RegionEP
Eastern RegionEQ
Eastern RegionES
Eastern RegionET
Eastern RegionEU
Eastern RegionEV
Eastern RegionEW
Eastern RegionEX
Eastern RegionEY
Eastern RegionEZ
Eastern RegionE2
Eastern RegionE3
Greater Accra RegionGA
Greater Accra RegionGB
Greater Accra RegionGC
Greater Accra RegionGD
Greater Accra RegionGE
Greater Accra RegionGK
Greater Accra RegionGL
Greater Accra RegionGM
Greater Accra RegionGN
Greater Accra RegionGO
Greater Accra RegionGS
Greater Accra RegionGT
Greater Accra RegionGW
Greater Accra RegionGX
Greater Accra RegionGZ
Northern RegionNA
Northern RegionNB
Northern RegionNC
Northern RegionND
Northern RegionNE
Northern RegionNF
Northern RegionNG
Northern RegionNI
Northern RegionNK
Northern RegionNL
Northern RegionNM
Northern RegionNN
Northern RegionNO
Northern RegionNP
Northern RegionNR
Northern RegionNS
Northern RegionNT
Northern RegionNU
Northern RegionNW
Northern RegionNX
Northern RegionNY
Northern RegionNZ
Northern RegionN2
Northern RegionN3
Northern RegionN4
Northern RegionN5
Upper East RegionUA
Upper East RegionUB
Upper East RegionUE
Upper East RegionUG
Upper East RegionUK
Upper East RegionUL
Upper East RegionUN
Upper East RegionUO
Upper East RegionUP
Upper East RegionUR
Upper East RegionUS
Upper East RegionUT
Upper East RegionUU
Upper East RegionUW
Upper West RegionXD
Upper West RegionXJ
Upper West RegionXK
Upper West RegionXL
Upper West RegionXN
Upper West RegionXO
Upper West RegionXS
Upper West RegionXT
Upper West RegionXW
Upper West RegionXX
Upper West RegionXY
Volta RegionVA
Volta RegionVB
Volta RegionVC
Volta RegionVD
Volta RegionVE
Volta RegionVF
Volta RegionVG
Volta RegionVH
Volta RegionVI
Volta RegionVJ
Volta RegionVK
Volta RegionVM
Volta RegionVN
Volta RegionVO
Volta RegionVP
Volta RegionVQ
Volta RegionVR
Volta RegionVS
Volta RegionVT
Volta RegionVU
Volta RegionVV
Volta RegionVW
Volta RegionVX
Volta RegionVY
Volta RegionVZ
Western RegionWA
Western RegionWB
Western RegionWC
Western RegionWD
Western RegionWE
Western RegionWF
Western RegionWG
Western RegionWH
Western RegionWJ
Western RegionWM
Western RegionWN
Western RegionWO
Western RegionWP
Western RegionWQ
Western RegionWR
Western RegionWS
Western RegionWT
Western RegionWU
Western RegionWW
Western RegionWX
Western RegionWY
Western RegionWZ
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