Ghanaians should embrace clay products – Flexi Clay

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The Chief Operations Officer of Flexi Clay Ghana, Thelma Eshareturi, has called on Ghanaian to embrace the the usage of clay moulded clay products to address housing deficit in the country.

According to her, the use of clay products is cost-effective and durable, hence the need to invest in clay products.

Speaking to Joy Business at the launch of the Flexi Clay Ghana Okponglo branch, she urged government to leverage on clay to reduce the cost of producing houses in the country.

“We will like to tell the people that clay products are affordable. Because of the cost spent on painting and tiles, clay can substitute these products and help address the housing deficit issues”, she said.

Flexiclay is a new high-tech product designed for building materials made up of 87% clay and 13% organic fibre.

It is waterproof, fire retardant, flexible, anti-skid, thin (thickness is between 2-3mm) light weight and breathable. It also has the ability to regulate relative humidity, for example temperature control advantage.

Flexiclay products comes in marble, stone, wood, leather, weave and brick finishing. It also appears in roll forms, individual sheets, panel size ranging from 0.030.06m to 2.81.22m in size and they are in natural earth colours, while some have colour pigmentation content designed for interior purposes only.

It is easy to install, on any existing flat surface without affecting the base, for example wood, glass, metal sheet and tiles. The installation is done with non-acrylic adhesive which makes the products grip firmly to the wall without falling off over time.


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