Lands Commission to begin Digitization after successful pilot

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The Lands Commission of Ghana has announced that is will soon move more of its services online.

According to the commission, the success of its piloted online platform for some selected services has necessitated the move.

The Commission began the pilot from November 9, 2020, moving away from its manual system unto an online platform for some selected few.

According to the Director of the Land Valuation Division of the commission, Surveyor Benjamin Arthur, the challenges the commission faced in the beginning of the rollout have been solved.

“We intended to rollout the online services for a number of our functions but we had a lot of our in-house cleaning of our data to do so we had to start with our services searches and when we did the initial rollout we encountered some backend challenge. It took a while to resolve the issues but they have been resolved now”.

He added that his outfit has began working with its internal records to begin moving some other services including registration of lands and stamping onto the platform by February this year.

“While we were trying to digitize our records, we were picking, service by service, what was possible to move online depending on the kind of service. So we started with our searches as a service. So, as of now, that is what is online, but we have worked with our internal records and internal processes to the extent that we are now ready to roll out more on our services online”, he added.

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