37 Military Hospital Sets up Temporary morgue at the El Wak Stadium

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The 37 Military Hospital says photos of a portable mortuary trending via web-based networking media ought not cause any concern among Ghanaians as the temporary facility forms part of a level II mobile hospital utilized by the military in crisis circumstances.

The office, one of two being financed by the United States government, has been set up at the El Wak Sports Stadium in Accra to be utilized as a coronavirus treatment centre.

Assessed to cost some $6.5 million, the portable emergency clinic is outfitted with an Out Patient Department (OPD), Research facilities, a radiological department, a theater, an emergency unit), (a mortuary and different offices found in a customary medical clinic.

As indicated by the authoritative Officer at the 37 Military Hospital, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Minta, the activity of the office was important in the battle against the coronavirus.

According to him, the mortuary’s homes are a piece of the medical clinic and not an independent office as is being recommended by some Ghanaians.

The 37 Military Hospital is one of the primary treatment places for Covid-19 patients in Accra.

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