Ghana Police warns Citizens against ‘Flimsy Excuses’

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The Ghana Police Service in Accra have strengthen checks on streets and vantage points to guarantee the limited movement of people in the midst of the lockdown directive initiated by the President due to novel coronavirus in the nation.

As per ACP Kwesi Ofori, the Accra Regional Police Director of Operations, the Police will arraign more individuals who are gotten for going in opposition to the President’s mandates.

“This is a grand security operation for safety purposes and to also enforce safety measures for the general welfare and health of our people. But here we are where the pubic component has some difficulty in accepting the fact that the exercise is good for us as a people. And that is why you are noticing some arrests. The security forces are making sure that they do everything possible to create a desirable atmosphere in the city and outlying areas. One thing is we’re going to use arrests and prosecution as one of our major tools to make sure that people adhere to the orders,” he said.

He continued by saying that they would extend their operations wider to see to it that no one escapes with flouting the directives.

He noted, “Yesterday, we carried out a major exercise, making sure that we ward off everybody and up to date we’ve been able to hold our position and up till now, no one is getting to the beaches on merrymaking business whatsoever. And I can assure you that we’ll extend the operation to other areas that we have challenges to make sure that we sanitize the entire system and make sure that people comply. It is our responsibility to make sure people comply. We are not going to take any flimsy excuses from people. It is a state operation and the state is interested. We the security operatives are doing this at the peril of our lives that our people sustain their lives and make sure that they move in peace and security.”

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