How to Apply for a NAGRAT Loan Online: Step by Step Instructions

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NAGRAT was founded in 1998 specifically to serve the needs of graduate teachers in the nation.

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) offers its members a loan program that doesn’t require manual verification.

You will learn how to apply for a NAGRAT Loan online in this article. How to join, the Membership form, and the Step-by-Step instructions

Graduate instructors are members of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT). Their members are Ghana Education Service staff.

Who Is Eligible To Join NAGRAT

NAGRAT membership is optional.  According to Sections 21(e) and 24(3) of the Ghanaian Constitution from 1992 and Sections 79(1) and 80(1) of the Ghanaian Labour Act (Act 651) from 2003, a teacher can only join NAGRAT after completing the required membership registration form.

Only graduates who are employed by the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S.) are eligible to join NAGRAT.

Graduates are people who have at least a diploma certificate from an accredited institution, according to NAGRAT’s definition. Since the new generation of teachers will graduate with First Degrees, it may be necessary to change the criterion for membership intake as well.

How To Apply For A NAGRAT Loan Online

First of all, you have to VISIT the portal >>>

Get your records UPLOADED onto the portal if you have not done that.

UPLOAD your guarantor’s records also onto the online portal.

Proceed by clicking the button ‘Apply for Loan’ located on the dashboard.

Fill in the next menu there. Provide your mandate number, your affordability, and the amount of money you are requesting including the duration of the loan.

At this stage of the process, the system will automatically check whether you meet their qualified standards for loans.
TAKE NOTE: When you qualify, the system will allow you to continue with your request.

Verification. You will be required to Key in your Staff ID and receive verification. TAKE NOTE: The code will be sent to your guarantor.

Lastyl, click the submit button and relax for feedback.

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