How to Find Best University Programmes With Your WASSCE Grades – 2022

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The easiest way to find a good programme at a top university in Ghana with your WASSCE grade is to first calculate your total grade point or aggregate score.

In this post, I will take you through how to calculate your WASSCE aggregate, how to check if you meet the cut-off point for a programme and what to do if you do not meet the minimum requirement for applying for your desired programme. I will also share a tool that will make it easier to check through various schools.

How to Calculate WASSCE Aggregate Below are the steps to calculating your WASSCE aggregate

  1. Write down the grades you obtained for English, Maths and Science/Social Studies
  2. Write down the grades you obtained for three of your best Electives
  3. Sum all the numerical values attached to your grades (e.g. English C6 = 6)

Below is an example of a WASSCE aggregate calculation

English – C6 = 6 Maths – B2 = 2 Science – A1 = 1

Government – B2 = 2 History – C4 = 4 CRS – A1 = 1

Total aggregate score = 16

How to Use Your Aggregate Score to Find a Good University


Below are the steps to use in finding a good university programme with your total aggregate score;

  1. Find the school you want to apply to.
  2. Look for programmes within your field of study or programmes that do not require any

    elective if you want to go wide or branch out.

  3. Check the grade requirements for the programme you intend to apply
  4. Check through to make a list of 3 or 4 programmes you qualify for

How to Easily Check The Programmes You Qualify for with Your WASSCE Grades
Below are the steps to checking the programmes you qualify for with your WASSCE grades

  1. Visit in a web browser, preferably Google Chrome
  2. Select “WASSCE” from the certificate type dropdown
  3. Choose the course you studied in SHS from the background section
  4. Select the type of programme you want to apply for (Certificate, Diploma or Degree)
  5. Choose school or college and click next
  6. Choose the exact grade you got for your core subjects and click “NEXT”
  7. Select all the electives you offered in SHS and click “NEXT”
  8. Choose the grades you got for the elective subjects and click “NEXT”
  9. Input your name and phone number and click “Check for Programme”
  10. Input MoMo/Card information and make payment
  11. Done

Note: A confirmation code will be sent to your phone number so kindly input an active number. This code can be used to check the list again.

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