How To Check Caller Identification Without Using Truecaller Or Internet

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I have discovered my own way of identifying the true names of callers. This is a very known method but not used in the identification of callers.

Few days ago , i got stuck preparing an invoice for a client for a service to be rendered. I forgot to ask for the client’s name and you know , that’s very essential in the preparation of invoices. Several attempts to reach the client at the moment was futile.

I didn’t have a true caller or any call identification app installed on my business phone so i had to look for other alternatives. Deep in my thoughts , i transformed into my Alan Turing mode and found a solution.

I used the mobile money wallet platform to find the name of the client. I faked a transaction to the client till it got to verifying the receiver’s name and i aborted it. I have posted screenshots below.

This is the same step used in sending money using mobile money. This might come in handy when someone scams you and want to lodge a complaint to the police or trace the person. Hope this helps.

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