How to find or Locate your Missing Samsung Phone

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Have you lost or misplaced your Samsung Phone? You might continue to look for it, however we’d suggest an easier solution for you.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can use Samsung’s built-in Find My Mobile service to locate your device. In addition to letting you remotely locating your phone, this service also lets you:

  • Back up data stored on your phone to Samsung Cloud
  • Lock your phone’s screen
  • Block access to Samsung Pay
  • Delete all data stored on your device

As you can see, “Find My Mobile” is an invaluable resource for any Samsung user worried that someone could access their missing phone. Note that this service only works if your phone is signed in to your Samsung account.

How to Set Up Samsung’s “Find My Mobile” Service

Before you actually use “Find My Mobile” to find your phone, make sure you’ve activated the feature first!

If you’ve already signed your device into your Samsung account, Find My Mobile is probably already turned on. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check. You can locate the Find My Mobile function by searching for it in the Settings app, or by going to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Find My Mobile .

Now that you’ve accessed Find My Mobile, make sure you turn on any options you’d like to use later. These include:

  • Remote controls: These allow you to force a remote backup, retrieve your phone’s call and message logs, and enable battery saving features, among other options.
  • Google location service: This provides more accurate location information, which is crucial when you’re trying to track down your missing phone.
  • Send last location: Your phone will send out its last location right before the battery runs out.

If you’re trying to call your Samsung phone but suspect that the battery might have run out, the “send last location” feature could be a lifesaver.

How to Use “Find My Mobile”

Once you’re trying to track down your missing Samsung phone, first access Samsung’s Find My Mobile page via any mobile or desktop browser. Next, log in to your account and select your phone from the next menu.

If your phone is still on, Find My Mobile will show your phone’s current location and percentage of battery remaining. You’ll also see a popup menu with different actions you can take. If you just want to call your phone, select “Ring.” You can also lock it, erase your phone’s data, and back up your phone, among many other options. But if you’re just trying to track down a missing phone, knowing the location might be enough!

Pros and Cons to Samsung’s “Find My Phone”

“Find My Phone” is certainly the most comprehensive service we’ve covered so far, but it isn’t perfect.

While there’s a good chance your Samsung phone is logged in to your Samsung account and Find My Phone is turned on, it’s quite possible that you haven’t activated the features you’d like to use once you’ve accessed Find My Phone, such as “remote controls” and “send last location.”

Logging in to your Samsung account through a browser could also be a potential headache if you’ve forgotten your login info. Meanwhile, CallMyPhone doesn’t require you to log in or provide any personal information. Best of all, it’s compatible with all phones.

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