Easy Guide: How to fix iPhone no service problem

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iPhone users sometimes experience a service issue, or see an error message with no service and can’t make or receive phone calls.

In this article we have provided you a simple guide on how to fix no service problem if you do go through such situation. Here are some reasons why your phone has a service issue;

Interruption of service, software update, change of carrier or switching to Airplane mode often causes service problem.

In some cases, misconfiguration of cellular settings causes such problem as well. So let’s see how to avoid it or fix it immediately.

Make sure the phone is not set to Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode disables cellular and Wi-Fi service. The phone is in Airplane Mode if you see an airplane icon in the upper-right corner of the iPhone screen, where the signal strength bars usually appear.

Toggle cellular data off and on again

Sometimes, especially when you are on the edge of a service area or you lost service and should be back in service, switching your cellular service off and then on again fixes the problem.

  • Select Settings > Cellular and ensure Cellular Data is on. If it’s on, toggle it off and back on.

Restart the phone

Like toggling Airplane Mode, completely restarting the iPhone might wake your cellular service and return it to normal operation.

Check for carrier settings and update

Carriers occasionally release updates that affect the device’s ability to connect to the cellular network.

It’s possible your service might be affected by a new update you installed on your iPhone.

Reset the network settings

The iPhone settings may have been corrupted in a way that prevents you from getting cellular service. Reset it back to the factory conditions.

Remove and replace the SIM card

It’s possible the SIM card is not working properly, either because it isn’t seated correctly or is damaged. Inspect it for damage and gently clean it by blowing on it or wiping it with a cotton swab or cloth, then replace it.

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