How To Top-Up Your Sportybet Account Via SMS Shortcode

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The sportybet platform is one of the most popular and widely used sports betting apps in Ghana. This is due to its user friendly interface and also high odds on games.

Topping up your account with funds sometimes from your mobile money wallet can be worrisome. The system fails to perform this action as a result of high volume user rate.

A USSD code for all telco networks have been introduced to help curtail this situation. To top-up your Sportybet wallet via SMS , kindly follow the steps below.

How To Top-Up Your Sportybet Account using USSD

  1. Open your dialer
  2. In the dialer , dial *711*222#
  3. Select the amount you’d like to top up with
  4. Enter your wallet code
  5. Approve request

After following these steps promptly,  your Sportybet account will be credited right away.

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