AirtelTigo introduces eSIM Service In Ghana

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Telecommunication service, AirtelTigo has handed its customers a boost by launching an eSIM (Embedded SIM) in Ghana.

This means that its users with eSIM-branded phones will no longer require physical SIM cards.

During the launch, the Chief Executive Officer of AirtelTigo, Leo Skarlatos, said “with the introduction of eSIM, AirtelTigo continues to stay ahead of the curve where innovation is concerned by giving its customers the much-desired flexibility to use the most advanced devices available globally and stay abreast with current technological trends. We constantly strive to deliver on our promise, Making Life Simple for all our customers through innovative products and services.

The AirtelTigo eSIM upgrade is free for existing AirtelTigo customers. We encourage customers with eSIM enabled handsets to visit any AirtelTigo shop from Monday the 28th of November, to get themselves an eSIM and be a part of this industry first.” he added.

Chief Marketing Officer of AirtelTigo, Atul Narain Singh added that, “eSIM provides added flexibility to eSIM compatible devices by transforming them from single SIM to dual SIM devices. AirtelTigo eSIM will also make Life Simple for customers who are frequent international travelers and must manually switch between SIMs whenever they cross borders.”

To check if your devices supports eSIM, dial *#06#.

Phones that support eSIM will show a barcode with ‘EID’ at the beginning of the code on the screen.

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