All you need to know about the new messaging platform, ‘Signal Messenger’

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Signal emerged as one of the top alternatives to WhatsApp after many people declared their intention to delete WhatsApp Messenger due to their updated privacy policy. Shockingly many people switched from WhatsApp to Signal in search of privacy protection.

With signal, you can send and receive high-fidelity messages, participate in HD voice/video calls, and explore a growing set of new features that help you stay connected.

Signal’s advanced privacy-preserving technology is always enabled, so you can focus on sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter to you.

Who created Signal App

Signal was created by Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer. The app as we know it today is developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger which was founded in January 10, 2018, and a former co-founder of WhatsApp — Brian Acton — made an initial funding of $50 million (or approximately Rs. 350 crores based on the exchange rate in 2018).

How to Download Signal App

You can download Signal app on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, although you can only sign up via Android or iPhone. Once you sign up, you can link Signal to your computer and use the app even if your phone is switched off.
Download Signal via this page.


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