Amazing Tips On How To Take Great Photos With Your Phone

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You can capture amazing moments on the go with your smartphone’s camera as compared DSLR’s where you’d need attachments and presets to get it working effectively.

Taking some great photos from smartphone is maybe a little bit annoying because smartphones are quite different from the DSLR or professional cameras.

They have proper manual controls inbuilt with them. But in smartphone, you don’t find some features in the stock camera app(inbuilt).

So, to get the best of images using your smartphone’s camera, kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Install a separate camera app for your photography. There are many camera apps available in play store or app store. You can download Camera FV-5, this the best performing camera app on every android devices that I have tested. You can download its free version, but for some additional features you have to download its pro version, which is about rs 200.
  2. Some basic knowledge about aperture, exposure, focus, ISO you need to know. Because in these camera apps, if you try using manually, you will get much better results.
  3. Use a tripod, because most of the camera doesn’t have OIS or EIS so, image may be processed blurry sometimes. So I recommend you to use a tripod. If you do not have any tripod then you can keep camera steady by keeping it on a glass.
  4. Know your object. If you’re trying to shoot a natural scenery, take a perfect time to shoot the beauty. Please try to keep ISO value low(100 or less) as much as you can. This helps your picture to gain stability.
  5. If you are shooting in daylight, set the white balance to sunlight and the ISO to the lowest. Then set the perfect exposure value (amount of light entering the camera sensor),set the shutter speed lower in daylight (1/4000-1/1000,if you’re confused, set to auto) . You don’t have any option to change aperture if you don’t have some specific flagship phones like Samsung galaxy S9, S9+, Note 9 etc.
  • Set the exact focus, and keep your mind cool and ready to go..
  • These were some basic tips about capturing stunning photos by smartphones.
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