Best Music Services That are Popular Among Students

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Music is a therapy for most people. It lifts their spirits and helps them get through the day. With advanced technology, you can now access the music of your choice anywhere and on any device. CDs and DVDs are no longer a necessity if you have an internet connection.

There are numerous music streaming services that have come up offering listeners curated playlists and personalized playlists. Whether you like old school music or the latest music, music streaming services have got you covered. Some offer music for free while others charge you per song or through a monthly or annual subscription. Here are some of the best music services popular among students.


Spotify has over 35 million songs to select from. A wide range of options is available from the latest music, music from a specific artist, or a particular genre. The music service has an option for a free account where you can listen to unlimited music but with adverts and fewer skips. Premium accounts have no ads and unlimited skips.


Whether you love listening to old tracks or new ones, Deezer has all the music available. Curated playlists are available and you can also personalize your own playlist. If you are using this music service as a family, you can block music with explicit content to ensure your kids listen to wholesome entertainment. 


Primephonic contains over 1 million tracks including traditional music and modern music. The sound quality is excellent and in case you have a problem with your internet speed, the audio quality is adjusted to ensure the listening experience is smooth. Primephonic has no free streaming service. A monthly fee is required although there is a free 14-day trial

Apple Music

Apple Music has a music database of 45 million songs containing both modern and traditional music. Although the music service has no free version, new users get up to 3 months free trial. Afterwards, you are required to pay a monthly or annual subscription. You can link your songs to other Apple products.


SoundCloud is great if you like to listen to new music as soon as it is out or listen to upcoming artists. Most upcoming artists and DJs post their work on SoundCloud so you can have access to some of the greatest tracks and mixes immediately they are out. You can opt for the free version of this music service or get the Pro version that does not include ads.

YouTube Music

YouTube is one of the best music services around the world. You can listen to as many tracks as you would like with unlimited skips. Apart from listening to music, you also get the chance to watch the music video. YouTube music has both a free version and a paid version. The free version includes ads and does not allow you to play music in the background. The paid version allows you to use other apps as YouTube plays in the background. It is also ad free

Google Play Music

This music app allows you to stream over 30 million songs and you can have a music library containing up to 50,000 songs that you can play at all times even when offline

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited has over 40 million songs to choose from. If you want to take break from your assignments, here is a useful source to help you as you take the time to refresh yourself through good music. An advantage of this service is that the music can be downloaded hence you do not always have to be connected to the internet to hear your favorite songs. A 30-day free trial is available after which you pay a monthly or annual subscription for the service.


Tidal not only offers you a variety of good music to listen to but it also offers you high quality sound. You get to watch music videos as well as listen to playlists curated by artists. It has a 30-day free trial after which you will be required to pay a monthly subscription.


Music apps have made it easier to listen to your favorite tracks and artists anywhere you are. You can access al the latest music as well as classics in the past. For most music services, you get the option of using a free account that contains basic features and usually contains ads. Paid accounts are best as they contain little to no ads and you get access to a large database of music with high quality sound. As you do your assignments, you can try out any of these services to play your favorite tracks. 


Sandra Larson is a music and technology enthusiast. She loves trying out different music services and tries to keep up with advanced technology in the music industry. She shares her experience on such services through her blog posts and other digital media.

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