E-Levy : Two Ghanaian Software Developers Have Built An App For Calculating E-Levy Charges

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Since the introduction of the E-Levy taxation policy, many Ghanaians have found it difficult to calculate the transfer charges per every transaction using the percentage the Government Of Ghana proposed.

As a matter of concern to the entire populace, Dorothy Opoku and Tonyeli Tay, two young Ghanaians, have devised a calculator that allows Ghanaians to compute the E-Levy costs on their mobile money transactions for free.

Dorothy Opoku, a computer science student at the University of Ghana and a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, is one of the masterminds behind this application. She is a graduate of the Yielding Accomplished Women’s Software Engineering program and currently works for Vodafone Ghana as an application developer.

Moreso, Tonyeli Tay is also an application developer at Vodafone Ghana and a Staffordshire University alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. These two innovative app developers teamed to build an online calculator application that will assist Ghanaians to estimate how much E-Levy charges they will pay before sending or receiving money, allowing them to make necessary modifications.

Dorothy stated on LinkedIn, after sharing a link to the calculator:

If you are a Ghanaian, then I’m sure you already know about the government’s decision to  tax all electronic transfers popularly known as the e-levy, which took effect from the 1st of may. Over the weekend, Myself and Tonyeli Tay noticed that people  have questions as to the amount of levy they may have to pay on electronic transfers, so we decided to build a minimalistic elevy calculator hosted on GitHub here.



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