ECG goes cashless; Customers to Bills with Mobile Money & Bank Transfer

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The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has finally transitioned to its cashless payment system and will no longer accept cash payment at all of its 300 ECG offices across the country.

Customers are now required to either purchase power or pay their bills via mobile money or make payment at the bank.

This comes into effect after almost two years of piloting, to make the power distribution company’s revenue mobilisation efforts more efficient.

“In the past few months, we have improved our digitalisation system and now ready to roll out the payment platform which is one of the key interventions to improve our revenue mobilisation.

“With this new digital payment platform, we will no longer receive cash at any of the ECG payment offices.

Customers will be required to either pay by mobile money or at the bank,” the Director of Communications, William Boateng explained in an interview.

With the new ECG Power App and the USSD, once payment was effected, the customers’ account would be automatically credited.

Mr Boateng said this was because ECG had integrated its payment portal with all banks in the country, thus customers could pay at any bank of their choice.

“ In making our mode of collection more efficient, we are also mindful not to inconvenience our customers, so they can make payment by mobile money at anytime and from anywhere.

They also do not need to present payment receipts at ECG as the system allows payment to reflect in their accounts once payment is made.

E-LEVY Charge on Electricity Bills

Mr Boateng indicated that “there will be no service charge for using the digital payment platform, particularly through mobile money.” and “customers will only have to pay their actual bills,” he emphasized.

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