Factors To Consider When Installing Mac Os On Windows

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Mac OS X can be installed onto many configurations of Windows PC hardware, a process called Hackintosh. There are websites and communities dedicated to this. It is a complex process, and requires having specific motherboards, video cards, etc. for partial or full compatibility. The install process replaces the boot loader partition on your drive/ssd with typically the Clover boot loader, which lets you select booting into your Windows or Mac environment. It CAN run wonderfully if you have the right equipment.

Now for the downsides:

  1. It’s illegal. You violate Apple’s terms of agreement, which only allow you to run Mac OS on Apple hardware.
  2. It is very technically challenging to configure properly. Beyond installing a new Windows or Mac OS in “normal” situations.
  3. Every time Apple pushes an update, your install can completely break, leaving your machine useless until someone in the Hackintosh community comes up with a new software patch to make things work. Then, you need to be able to boot the computer from another volume in order to apply the patch to the failed OS.
  4. Will most likely not work in the future. Once Apple’s T2 security chip is present in all supported Apple hardware, you won’t be able to run the MacOS on machines without this bit of hardware unless someone writes a major security hack.

For tech geek hobbyists, setting up Hackintosh can be a fun exercise. But if you’re thinking of using it for real work/productivity, I strongly encourage you to put that thought aside. There are too many issues getting it to work and keeping it working.

Note that no companies sell preconfigured Hackintosh systems because it is illegal to do so.

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