Full Specifications: Samsung to unveil its first QD-OLED TV

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Technology giants, Samsung, has finally formally announced that it is launching a range of TVs that use its new Quantum Dot (QD) OLED technology, following months of speculation.

Despite allowing rival brand Sony to unveil its QD OLED plans first, its much-anticipated new models will be launching in the US as early as April.

Samsung’s new S95B models are being described by Samsung as OLED TVs, rather than QD OLED TVs. The S95Bs will, as suggested in the early Value Electronics web page, be available in just 55 and 65-inch screen sizes.

Key Features of the Samsung OLED TV

  • Samsung confirms that the S95Bs will benefit from the brand’s premium Neural Quantum Processor 4K processing engine, optimized for the new panel’s capabilities.
  • An OLED brightness booster and ‘perceptional colour mapping’ system are promised, too, to help deliver brighter, more accurate highlights and exploit QD OLED’s potential for delivering more realistic, lifelike colours.
  • Also present on the S95Bs will be the 2022 revamp of Samsung’s Tizen smart platform, and support for Object Tracking Sound (where speakers range around the TVs’ frame deliver a larger and more detailed sound stage with more accurately positioned effects).
  • The OTS speaker set up should also work handily with the TVs’ built-in Dolby Atmos decoding.
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