Ghinger Health App Launches in Ghana

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Developers of ‘Ghinger’, a web/mobile platform which enables patients gain access to health care remotely and conveniently has said that the application’s main objective is to bring both healthcare providers and patients on a single platform to facilitate quality healthcare.

According to Yaw Kusi Mensah, Chief Operating Officer(COO) of Ghinger, “the aim is to provide a world class and web and mobile based service that will eliminate the hurdles that people face with the time consuming nature of the typical hospital system in Ghana, by making access to healthcare easy convenient and stress free.”

He made this during a ceremony to outdoor the app at La Villa Boutique Hotel, Osu.

Mr Mensah elaborated that they have set up partnerships with existing hospitals to improve access through the use of online platform, providing easy quick and convenient access to clinical services for clients.

“Our main focus is in areas which are currently poorly served. Through our set up, it is easy for patients to request services of specialists, arrange virtual consultations, get home visit or arrange medical refills.” He added.

The application according to the developers boasts of core values like Quality, Client focus, Innovation with technology and continuous improvement.

In an interview, the COO stated why people should choose Ghinger. “As a healthcare company, we hold ourselves to strict ethical standards and ensure that we demonstrate fair business practices in every aspect of our work,”

“We focus on training all our employees and health professionals to adhere to these standards and collect feedback from clients at all times to ensure satisfactory service.”

He concluded by entreating everyone to stay home as much as possible and use the application for health benefits rather than moving around in these dangerous times of Covid19

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