How to Register for a Free PayPal Account in Ghana 2024

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Perhaps the world’s fastest and safest FinTech company is PayPal. You can use them to send money, make online payments, receive money, generate an invoice like Zintego or set up a merchant account securely.

It is accessible in more than 200 nations and supports 25 different currencies.

With PayPal, you may quickly send and receive money from online retailers across national borders and linguistic obstacles, as well as send and receive presents and personal transfers.

All you have to do is register using your email address and password. Even though Ghana is on PayPal’s blacklist, there are some strategies you can use to get around this.

What You need

  1. You need an Email address which works (Don’t use an already registered Paypal email address)
  2. You need an Active and Registered Phone number 
  3. You need a National ID, Passport or Driving License

If you are using a smartphone, please remember to choose “desktop mode” but it is highly recommended you register using a Desktop Browser.

How to create an account with PayPal in Ghana

  1. First, you need to Visit the PayPal Homepage via Lesotho’s web address (This is very important)


  1. Tap on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the Homepage.
  2. Select the “Business Account” on the “Sign Up” page and tap on Continue. (The Business Account offers you trouble-free way to sign up.)


  1. Then Enter your valid Email Address and Password and Click continue. This will open a page for your to fill a form about your Business

How to Fill Your Business Details

Business Contact: Enter your Official Legal First name and Last name

Business Details: If you have a legal registered business, You can use the name of the business, If you don’t have that, You just have to find any name you think is okay for you as a Business name.


Phone Number: With tap on the Lesotho flag drop down and select Ghana. Then type your registered Ghana Phone number (This is highly recommended)

Business Address: Enter your Business Address or Residential Address gradually. With the Postcode, Enter 00233 (The Official postcode for Ghana)

Currency: Choose your preferred Currency you want to transact in.


When done, Tick the User Agreement and Privacy Statement and Click on Agree and Continue

Business Type: Select Individual/Sole Proprietorship as your Business type. Or you can choose from Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership, Private Corporation, Public Corporation, Nonprofit organization, Government entity if you are registering for your Official Business


Next: Enter your Official Date of Birth, Nationality (Ghana) and Select your preferred Identification. (It is recommended you use your National ID Card authorised by the Government)

Click on SUBMIT


How to Confirmation Registration

Note: Wait for a PayPal response and initiate confirmation via email.

You should sign in to your fresh PayPal account and complete the whole dashboard measures. This includes confirming your email address and providing further information about your business.

Congratulations! Your Paypal Account is Ready for Use.


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