How to delete 3D Avatars on WhatsApp permanently

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WhatsApp launched a new customizable 3D avatar to WhatsApp, for its users to create a personalized Bitmoji.

The new feature allows users to create an avatar on WhatsApp and use as your profile photo or sticker pack.

Users can also react with an emoji, reply or forward the avatars to others.

However, Whatsapp announced that they are working on new features for avatars in the future, like the ability to create multi-character avatar stickers using each other’s avatars.

After creating your WhatsApp avatar and you seem uncomfortable or hit an error, you can either restart your phone or delete the avatar permanently.

How to delete your avatar on WhatsApp

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Selects Settings.
  • Tap Avatar
  • Select Delete Avatar.
  • Select Delete.
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