How to earn $1000 per day from Blogging

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Blogging has become one of the go careers in recent years, with over 600 million blogs in the world today, out of over 1.9 billion websites. Blogging is now one of the richest occupations with writers and content creators making over $100 per day (you want to know how?).

In our previous article, we learned about how to start blogging or become in Ghana and Nigeria, but this article will guide us on how to start to make over $100 per day and earn over $10,000 from it every month.

How do I start?

To choose a unique domain name, we recommend that you must consider the niche you will be writing about (we will talk about it in the next heading). Know that the domain will remain yours as long as you continue paying the annual fee ranging between $10 to $15 for a .com domain.

You must also consider hosting your website on a platform that is available 24/7 and has the functionality and performance as your site will need. So please select a very reliable provider.

Select a Perfect Niche

To begin earning a reasonable amount from your blog, you must first find a niche you want to write about. You must also figure out how to make it profitable, and who your ideal readers are. In case you are new to the word ‘Niche’, niche is a topic that you write about most often, or even exclusively, in your blogs.

You must write about something extraordinary that will attract a lot of visitors, be it Music, Travel, General News or Real Estate.

You should, some of the most popular niche to earn you more money are Fitness and Weight Loss, Health, Dating and Relationships, Pets, Travel and more. This is highly recommend and you must have in-depth knowledge about it before venturing into it.

Blogging platform I Should consider.

As a writer and blogger, you can choose several platforms that best suits your blog, but we highly recommend you to create a self-hosted blog with

For many new bloggers, the availability of free blog platforms such as, Blogger or Tumblr is tempting but to make and earn enough money then don’t consider this.

Find Theme (blog design) for your WordPress platform.

Your website generates a lot of traffic if the front end is appealing. You want to create an environment that is both eye-catching and practical. However, you want your visitors to easily find information on your site so design it to be very catchy and simple.

Start Writing your Contents

All is set and you are ready to go now. Before you star blogging, you must learn how to write blog content. A content is any useful information that you bring to readers onto your site. Moreover, your content must be unique! Do not copy and paste from other sources.

Your content must be able to be one that people can interact with and come back to get more. It should be valuable and you should be consistent. Once you have followers, consistency is important.

Unique Social Media Profile

Once you have set up your blog, make sure you create Social Media profiles for your blog. Your social media platforms will help you direct more visitors to your site.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram are some vital platforms you should sign onto.

Advertise with Big Monetization Platforms

After you have gained quite an impressive traffic, apply for monetization of your website.

Monetization is the process of translating your blog activity into earnings. But keep in mind that blogging isn’t all about making money. It’s more about creating important content that will bring readers and make them come back for more.

There are several Ads Network you can sign up to. But we will recommend Google Adsense in collaboration with a revenue optimization platform that helps publishers increase their ad revenue using automated A/B testing, header bidding, innovative ad formats and more.

Good Luck!

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