How to grow your Tiktok Account Faster

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TikTok already managed to gain public recognition, though it started not long ago. The TikTok app popped up in 2016, and had difficult in growing because its main audience were mostly children and teenagers.

Now, the TikTok platform is used by influencers both old and young, politicians, major fashion brands and businessmen. If you are a user and willing to gain popularity or grow/expand your account that you already have, read the process below.

How to grow your TikTok Account For Free

  • Create a presentable page appearance.

It’s no secret that the main indicator of success and popularity on any platforms is subscribers. The more viewers you have on your account, the more attractive the profile looks for a potential follower.

The fastest and most effective solution to the problem is to buy TikTok followers. Most authors of new channels use this method, because it does not require serious financial investments, but gives a guaranteed result.

  • Use Popular music on TikTok videos.

Have you already seen how quickly a well-known track can reach thousands of bloggers? Sounds play a huge role in the promotion of the maker on TikTok.

At the same time, it is important to monitor the changes, because the popularity of the track may disappear as quickly as it appeared. And keep in mind that the more popular the music, the higher the probability of getting into the recommendations and getting a lot of views.

  • Collaborate with bloggers.

Influence marketing is now at the peak of popularity because internet users are tired of direct advertisements. Many people even came from other networks to TikTok to reduce the appearance of such ads in their feeds.

That is why bloggers use native advertising or negotiate free collaboration with other authors. Such advertising looks organic and does not spoil the reputation of both makers. Find a blogger who is not your competitor, but publishes videos on a similar topic and has similar statistical indicators.

At the same time, we do not recommend cooperating with a blogger whose audience consists of several dozen people. Of course, a more popular maker may refuse to collaborate with a newcomer like you due to the lack of viewers, but as we said earlier, you can easily fix it.

  • Use popular hashtags.

Most hosting users use keyword search. And you could already see that many makers use different tags under their publications: “fyp”, “music”, “trend”, “how to” and so on. They use these words to make it easier for viewers to find the desired content.

The user can specify one of the words of interest to him and will see several hundred or even thousands of videos that will be similar in subject. This means that you, as an author, need to use tags to experience the chance to get into the first results for a user search query.

  • Connect with your audience by livestreaming.

Users of the platform love to communicate with each other and establish more personal contacts with the blogger, ask him questions, share impressions and give advice on creating content. When you reach the goal of 1 thousand viewers, the streaming function will be available to you.

This is one of the best opportunities to establish a closer connection with the audience, increase their self-confidence and loyalty. Your stream can also get into the recommendations of other people if subscribers actively correspond in the chat. Your goal is to start a dialogue with the audience and make them write to the chat as much as possible.

So, there you have it! We have told you about the most effective ways to attract an audience, now you need to bring them to life.

It may be difficult for you at first, but once you get comfortable and develop your own promotion strategy, the process will go much easier. Good luck!

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