How To Make Your Apple Music Playlist Public

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The process is pretty simple as long as you have an active Apple Music subscription. You can create playlists with your own Apple Music collection, save it and share them with your friends.

First, you need to be an active subscriber of Apple Music.

  • Make a playlist public

While creating a playlist, make sure to turn on “Show on My Profile and in Search” to make your playlist public.

When you make a playlist public, people can find it using Search.

  • Send a playlist to a friend

You can send your playlists to friends through Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, and AirDrop as well.

To share a playlist, find the playlist that you want to share, then follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Tap on the three dots (red background) , then Share Playlist .
  • On your Mac or PC: Click on the three dots (blue background), then Share Playlist.

With the latest iOS update, you can send a message along with sharing a playlist.


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