How To Mirror Your Smartphone Screen To A Laptop Screen

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Do you want to mirror your smartphone screen on your laptop but don’t your way around it? Well, sharing your smartphone screen with your PC or laptop is now very simple to do now as advancement has made everything effortless.

But before we proceed you must know that if there is no inbuilt feature of mirroring on your device then you need to use phone screening applications.

Below are some recommendable mirroring applications. 

  • Mobizen: Mobizen is an Android mirroring app, available on the Google play store, which allows the users to stream smartphone media to the laptop. It lets the users access call logs, photos, videos, etc stored on their phone through the connected laptop. The app also enables file transfers between Android devices and PCs.


  • Vysor: it is an amazing application for casting the screen of your Android device on a laptop. Vysor application allows the users to view and control your android device through your laptop. It is an ideal application for sharing presentations on a laptop. All you need to do is download the Vysor application from the Google Play store on your android device and download the same application on your laptop too through Google Chrome.


  • AirDroid: One of the widely used applications for screen mirroring. This application allows you to control as well as manage your android phone from a laptop. AirDroid is especially helpful when you want to reply to someone through a laptop on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, or even the SMS app. AirDrop for Android can also be used to backup photos and videos from phone to computer. The app is also available for iOS, but only facilitates the file transfer feature on Apple’s OS.


  • MirrorGo: A professional app with an easy interface that allows users to cast their android screen to the laptop effortlessly. It is an application that is supported by Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista as well as on Windows XP. It is also compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. It allows users to play android games on PC, send and receive messages, view notifications, control other applications, and also enable screen recording too.

Note : It’s up to you to find the best suitable application for you. Before downloading any of these apps, please do well to read the cons and pros of each app and see which of them meets the requirements of your device.

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