How to Open a UBA Bank Account Instantly on Your Phone

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United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Limited introduced an innovative banking method where customers can access the services of the bank without visiting the banking premises.

The Bank launched an App, Leo, which serves as a chat box on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger which allows customers to perform services of the bank like, Account Opening, Money Transfer, Deposits etc. on their smartphones at any place of convenience.

This initiative according to the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr Isong Udom, was introduced because the world has been evolving, and physical contact was becoming a thing of the past due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Just like Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, UBA’s LEO has been designed to deliver personalised experience,” he said.

Join the UBA family by creating an account instantly on Leo.

How to Create a UBA Bank Account with your Mobile Phone

  1. Just send HI to Leo on WhatsApp on 0577822822,, Apple Messages App on and on Facebook Messenger
  2. Select B for Account Opening
  3. Fill in your Details (i. Mobile Number ii. Name iii. Date of Birth iv. Physical Address v. Email Address)
  4. Upload/Send your passport photo
  5. Choose your Segment and Sub-segment eg. Student/Professional
  6. Select a UBA Ghana Branch closest to you
  7. Download & Accept the terms and conditions
  8. Congratulations you just opened a Bank Account.

NB: Your Bank Account Number will be provided to you instantly on your phone.

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