Full Guide: How to Register Your Drivers License on DVLA Online portal

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Smart driver’s license was introduced by the government of Ghana and the DVLA to curb human interface from the process of issuing new licensing.

Obtaining a new driver’s license was highly stressful, and the processing takes all the time. But now the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) electronic platform has reduced time spent at the offices as well as prevented overcrowding.

The new online system has also made it easier for drivers to get one. A learner Driver’s License has to be acquired for a period of three (3) months before the actual licence could be applied for.


  • Applicant must be physically present at any DVLA office
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Basic education (B.E.C.E) or Adult Education, Ability to read and write
  • Pictures

How to Register for driver’s license online (DVLA)

  1. Visit https://online.dvla.gov.gh/sign_in
  2. Click “Sign up free” at the bottom of the sign-in form
  3. Select individual from the popup menu
  4. The application form will then open to fill the Basic forms

Basic Information Needed

  1. Your Title (MR or Mrs)
  2. Select your gender (Male or female)
  3. Enter Your Date of Birth (Day, Month, Year)
  4. Enter your Place of Birth.
  5. Enter your Surname, Middle name, and First name
  6. Enter your employer’s name (eg. MOH, self-employee)
  7. Select your Nationality
  8. Enter any previous name you had before.
  9. Select ID type (Voter’s ID, National ID, NHIS, SSNIT, or Passport)
  10. Enter ID card number

Click on Next

Contact Information

  1. Enter your postal address (eg. P.O.BOX 123)
  2. Enter the town of the postal address in the city column (Eg. Spintex-Accra)
  3. Select your region from the drop-down list
  4. Enter your email as it requires
  5. Enter the name of your area in the “Suburb” column
  6. Enter your street name
  7. Enter your house number
  8. Enter your mobile phone number in the “mobile number” column
  9. Click on Next to move to the next step
  10. Enter the following information under the Account credential
  11. Enter a name for your user name section
  12. Enter a password required
  13. Re-enter password “Confirm Password” column

Click Next to continue

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