How To Reverse Wrong Transactions On AirtelTigo

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There are several ways to reverse AirtelTigo Money when you unfortunately make a wrong mobile money transaction to another use or customer. In this article, we are going to learn how to make a reversal on AirtelTigo Money.

First, you can swiftly decide to report the matter to the nearest AirtelTigo customer care, Dialing 110 or have a person to person reversal or you can follow the process below;

Reverse Wrong Transactions On AirtelTigo

  1. Dial *110*8#
  2. Select option 5 to for Transaction Reversal
  3. Select 1 to Reverse Transaction
  4. Select 1 to proceed
  5. Select 1 for the Last 5 transactions or 2 for other transactions
  6. Follow next steps to perform the reversal

AirtelTigo Money Reversal Terms and Conditions

  1. AirtelTigo Money will only refund claim of a wrong transaction which has been reported within 30 days of effecting the transaction, which time is of the essence. The refund shall be done after a careful investigation has been conducted to establish the claim.
  2. AirtelTigo Money shall refund the amount reported (if unspent) or the remaining amount in the account if the part is spent by the wrong recipient and shall attract a fee prescribed for reversal.
  3. AirtelTigo Money will not perform a reversal/ for a wrong transfer which is not reported within 30 days after the said transaction.
  4. AirtelTigo Money will not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from a wrong transaction.

Person to person AirtelTigo Money Reversal

  1. Call the person and tell them the exact amount you sent to them and the actual person you intended to send to.
  2. Ensure you are speaking calmly and do not act funny to avoid raising suspicions of fraud.
  3. Ask them to check their mobile money accounts to confirm that the amount is there.
  4. Once they confirm that the cash is there, be kind and ask them to return the cash. You can even offer them some tip from the total amount as an appreciation.
  5. If you manage to convince the receiver, you can receive the cash after confirming that they got the cash mistakenly.
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