How to tell if someone is Spying or Tracking your Phone.

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There are many reasons why someone will want to spy or track you. Some factors that contribute to spying and tracking are infidelity in marriage, espionage, secret information and more.

Your phone is the perfect place for hackers or people looking to steal information, or spy on you. Smartphones have greatly changed the way we live, where and how we store information. However, they’ve also made us easy targets due to our daily business and communication activities on the device.

Hackers could access your phone’s data if they had the right tools or devices. With this device and software programs, they can access important data including text messages, call logs, pictures, social media, and GPS location. Though they have been mishandled, it’s the best tool for parents to keep tabs on their child’s devices.

Smartphones can be tracked easily on all over the world. Your device pings a satellite and gives your precise location. Tracking apps, like Google Maps, tap into your phone’s built in GPS capability. However, the presence of tracking software will affect the performance of the phone, and in this article we will talk about how to keep an eye on these indicators to know that your phone is being monitored.

How to detect Spying or Tracking on your Phone

Short Battery Life

Monitoring software will run your battery down due to the extra activity on the phone. If you find you’re having to plug in more often, it may be due to a tracking app.

Phone is Constantly Hot

When a hacker access your phone, they require extra data to use your phone hence, the extra data usage will heat up the phone. This is a strong sign that you are being tracked and will contribute to a higher bill.

Phone stays on when locked

If you notice your phone does not want to lock properly, this could be an indicator of monitoring software.

Phone Freezes

The extra activity creates a drag on the phone’s performance. If it takes longer than normal to do simple tasks, something may be up. Also, you’ll notice your phone taking much longer than normal to shut down if monitoring software is present.

Messages from unknown Numbers

Getting weird text messages that look like coding are a strong indicator you have spy software. The texts are your phone intercepting the communication between your phone and monitoring app user.


Always keep track of your phone. Try to keep your phone on you whenever you can to prevent others from tampering with it. Keep the operating software up-to-date and use anti-malware apps.

Smartphones are precious commodities that store a lot of our important personal and financial information. You owe it to yourself to take precautions to prevent phone monitoring. Keep your eyes open for signs someone might be trying to remotely access your phone.

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