If You Can’t Afford An Apple Watch, This Is The Best Alternative And It’s Very Cheap

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What is An Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world at present. It is Apple Inc’s line of wearable smartwatch with major features like making and receiving calls, sending texts, fitness tracking, health-oriented capabilities, and integration with iOS and other Apple products and services.

Why was the Apple Watch Introduced by Apple?

Through surveys and research conducted by Apple, they found out people are fond of carrying their phones with them and tampering it so much. The question was then posed as to how human interaction with phones can be reduced. This solution to this question birthed the concept of the Apple smartwatch.

The main purpose of the Apple Watch was to free people from their phones and as well serve an accessory to to support the iPhone and add new functions.

Key functions of the Apple Watch

  • Phone notifications especially messages can be read and replied on the wrist
  • Tracking of workout routines
  • Fitness tracking (exercise minutes & calories)
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • GPS tracking of workouts
  • ECG readings (Series 4/5/6 only) and blood oxygen tracking (Series 6 only)
  • Warn about abnormal heart rates and detect falls.

How Much Does An Apple Watch Cost?

Apple watches are quite expensive but worth every penny. The latest model or series of Apple Watch which is the series 7 starts at $399 (GHC 2639.86 excl. shipping) but they other series like the Series 3 that goes for as low as $200 (GHC 1319.93 excl. shipping).

Taking into consideration the prices stated above, just a handful of people currently in Ghana’s lousy economy can outrightly purchase this fancy device. People are left with no option to settle with the replicas or what is locally termed as ‘Low Grade’.  These low grades models don’t really last and it’s user interface is below par as compared to the original versions. This assertion is my personal experience with a fake Apple smartwatch.

For anybody who fancies a genuine smartwatch but can’t afford the Apple’s and that of the Samsung’s and even the Huawei’s, i will introduce you to an equally efficient smartwatch manufactured by a company called Oraimo.


Oraimo is an Indian smart accessory, a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. In 2020, Oraimo launched Tempo 1S, smartwatch with an HD screen alongside other accessories like the True Wireless earbuds and FreePods 2. We will limit this article to just the Tempo 1S Smartwatch.

What Is A Tempo 1S Smartwatch?

The Oraimo Tempo 1S Smartwatch bears common characteristics as that of the Apple Watch which includes health and fitness tracker, sleep monitoring, new workout modes, as well as notifications for your social media, music, and staying up to date with news.

The watch has a screen-to-body ratio of over 80%, a curved-display, an Anti-Oil & Fingerprint 1.69-inch IPS Color Touchscreen, Ultra Soft Skin-Friendly TPU Strap, Stronger Heart Rate Sensor, 13 Training Modes, and is IP68 Water Resistance.

Display and Design Of Tempo 1S Smartwatch

The 1.69 IPS screen has a touch panel for easy control and brilliant colors and expanding vistas. From your eyes to your hand, the dual-curve glass body accentuates the harmonizing feeling.

A luxurious ultra-soft diamond-pattern TPU strap is included. The scratch-resistant rear panel is constructed of phone-grade materials that glitters even after years of use!

The upgraded LEDs and four photodiodes work along with AI algorithms to accurately estimate your heart rate.

Battery Life Of Tempo 1S Smartwatch

The battery health is everything I could have ever imagined. The Oraimo Tempo 1S is equipped with an Oraimo advance power-saving technology which can last for up to 20days on a single charge.

Clock Faces Of Tempo 1S Smartwatch

Just like Apple Watch, there are options of clock faces you can choose for your home screen. Oraimo has three beautiful clock interfaces you can choose from depending on what best suits you.

How to charge the Of Tempo 1S Smartwatch

You can simply do this by pulling the wristband out and inserting Tempo 1S directly into any USB port with connection to a power source.

How to configure the Tempo 1S Smartwatch

The Tempo 1S is compatible with both iOs and Android. The smartwatch is configured using the Joywear 2 application.
The Joywear 2 is used in enabling and disabling operations and also manages data recorded via the smartwatch.

Price Of Tempo 1S Smartwatch

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to own a Tempo 1S. For just GHC 250, you can own a beautiful and multi-functional smartwatch. To make a purchase or an order, simply log on to their portal to place your order (s) : https://www.oraimo.com/ . 


I received my watch 72 hours after purchase with a free shipping policy. Please be sure to order on a Monday or Tuesday so as to expedite shipping and delivery.

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