Intel gets the green light to work with Huawei

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There’s a lot of uncertainty around Huawei with the ban in place, which doesn’t allow US companies, or those who use US hardware and software to trade with the company. But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel because people familiar with the matter say that Intel has received license to deal with Huawei.

Intel gets the green light to work with Huawei, Qualcomm applies for license too.

As you might know companies can apply for a license and the US government will decide which companies can do business with Huawei. Nothing is official yet, but Intel is probably in the clear while other companies are still waiting for an approval.

Huawei has officially confirmed that Qualcomm is waiting for license and as soon as it does, the Chinese firm will start sourcing its SoCs from it since it can’t use its in-house Kirin chips no more.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since Qualcomm has been in talks with the US government for quite some time now. Various reports suggest that AMD has applied for more than one license so it can sell its chips to more than one Chinese firm and we are pretty sure that Huawei is on the list.

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