NSS launches e-platform to ease registration process

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Applicants for national service will no longer have to go through laborious processes to get their entry onto the national server due to the launch of the new e-platform.

Beginning this year, the scheme will be using an electronic platform which will make it easy for school heads to apply for all their qualified applicants by the click of a button.

At a tertiary education stakeholder conference in Accra, one of the designers of the e-platform, Samuel Korley, mentioned that, the new phase will among others, reduce delays in processing, as well as eliminate unqualified applicants.

“Class list was submitted using USBs. So imagine if you have to submit two or three class lists. That means you have to send two or three USBs to NSS. So currently, we are just creating a platform and then all the schools going to the platform, directly upload the list of their students, and NSS goes through the approval work flow and approve it instantaneously.

“Within five minutes a school can be able to submit the list and the personnel can be able to have his pin code generated and the person is ready to complete his registration. So a process that will normally take days to complete now can be completed within minutes.”

Executive Director of the  National Service Scheme, Osei Assibey Antwi mentioned that his office is rigorously perusing a new phase of the scheme dubbed ‘Deployment for Employment’; where personnel can be retained after their service, to reduce unemployment in the country.

He told Joynews, “We are in the fourth industrial revolution where digitisation has become key, meaning, now you can have your first degree, you can have your second degree but if you’re not a computer literate it’s going to be difficult for you to get a job.

“So the first thing we said was that, why don’t we set up tech labs where we can be able to walk our university graduates through how they can create businesses out of ICT.

“Secondly. we are also looking at how they can be innovative to be able to create applications websites and others so that a least when they finish their national service they will have something for themselves.”

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