Online marketplace, Jiji Africa rebrands amidst growth

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One of the largest online marketplace in Africa, Jiji has completed an extensive rebranding effort to align with accelerated company growth, development, and vision for the future.

They aim to strengthen its young, friendly, and extraordinary corporate image. At the heart of this rebranding is a change of the company’s vision, mission, and position. And that’s what they wanted to reflect in the new tagline and design approach.

A unique design feature — named Ji-spots — has been designed to represent Jiji’s diversity in its service offerings. They also mention that such elements and the new palette best describe the main difference of their classifieds platform from online shops or marketplaces.

The refreshed Jiji brand includes a new tagline, “Because Deals Can Be Easy.” It should represent the ease of using the Jiji platform in whatever service one chooses, whether it’s buying, selling, hiring, renting, swapping, etc.

“We are not a shop, so we don’t sell any products. Instead, we improve making deals to help people find each other and get what they want. We want things to become easier with the Jiji platform,” Valeriia Kupreichuk, Jiji Africa’s Brand Manager.

“The new brand reflects Jiji’s focus on customer satisfaction and ease of online shopping. Our dream is to live in a world where people can afford everything they need. To fulfil this, we created a platform where people can find other people with the right solutions, be it a product, a job, or a service. With us, anyone can exchange, sell and buy anything based on their needs, budget, and circumstances. We are for satisfying needs and against frustration,” said Vitalii Sharovarov, Jiji Africa’s CMO.

With a network of five markets across Africa, including Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Ghana, Jiji gets approximately 1.6 Million+ active ads and 2.5 Million buyers monthly. By significantly rebranding, Jiji is looking forward to opening up new levels of making deals between people and building an even stronger community where anyone can feel satisfied and safe.

Anton Volyanski, Jiji Africa’s Founder, says: “We have been planning the rebrand for some time. It coincides with a period of strong growth in our company and a period of unprecedented change in the way e-commerce is marketed, especially with the Post Covid wave. We have always tried to be innovative with marketing, and the evolution of our brand underpins this. We wanted a modern and adaptable style but with links to our African heritage. This is important for our clients, and so it is crucial for us.”

“The new branding represents a change in our image but our goal still remains the same. The world around us is changing, and so we must adapt to the changing needs. The company has a determination never to stop leading the way in innovation, personality and thought,” said Yuliy Shenfeld, Jiji Nigeria’s Country Manager.” This branding reflects the immense growth we have witnessed in our company and the focus on customer-centricity. We feel it’s important to let people know what Jiji stands for and our main position —We are against frustration— summarizes it all.”

Since it penetrated the Nigerian Market in 2014 and bought off OLX assets in 2019, Jiji has been raising the bar in the e-commerce industry. It has led the way in innovation, customer-centric features that have increased their site’s traffic and sales.

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