Simpliest Way to Make Liquid Soap For Domestic Use

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Many people make liquid soap at home. All they need is soap bars which they can transform into gel by grating and heating. When you learn how to make liquid soap for dishwashing, a big problem of spending unnecessary money on dish wash bars will be taken care of.

Below are instructions for creating your own liquid soap. There are a few additional tips for giving your hand-made gel, a refined branded touch.

Before you begin. There are several things you will need to do. They include :

1. Gather the ingredients

3 oz. Jojoba oil

10 oz. Castor oil

10 oz. Olive oil

11 oz. Potassium hydroxide flakes

24 oz. Coconut oil

33 oz. Distilled water

5 g Glycerine ( for body soap)

2. Gather the required equipment
3. Heat up the oils
4. Prepare the lye solution

Don’t forget to put on your protective gear and keep the windows open. Weigh the lye and distilled water in separate bowls, then add the lye to the water. Don’t do it the other way around or else there will be a dangerous reaction. Keep stirring continuously as you pour it

5. Add the solution to the oils

Put the lye solution into the oils in the Crockpot. Pour it carefully and avoid splashing any on your skin. Now blend the lye with oils using the stick blender. Blend it until thoroughly mixed. Continue stirring till the mixture becomes thick enough to leave a line when you run a stick through it.

6. Check the paste

Every 30 minutes, check the paste and keep cooking for 6 hours. You will know you’re done with this step when you are able to dissolve a ounce of paste into two ounces of boiling water and it doesn’t become milky. Keep cooking until it can dissolve clearly.

7. Diminish the cooked paste

Weigh the paste after it is finished cooking and check if you have a pound of paste. You can put it back in the crock pot and add the 33 oz. of distilled water to it. It can take the paste a few hours to completely dissolve into water.

8. Colour and fragrance

In case, you are learning how to make liquid soap for laundry, you might want your clothes to smell nice later. You can use natural food colour to add colour to your soap, and use your favourite oil for special fragrance. Don’t go on adding chemical-based colours. It’s bad for the skin.

9. Add glycerine

If you are looking for tips on how to make liquid soap from glycerine bar soap, you probably are looking for bath soap. Now, bath soaps are different from dishwashing or laundry soaps. You better not bath with those. To make soaps for bathing, you’ll need a few ingredients that are suitable for the skin. The first thing you need to do is add glycerine. It acts as a skin moisturizer, making the liquid gentler on your body. Mix 1 tsp. glycerine and stir until it is properly combined with the paste. Now you know how to make liquid soap with glycerine. You don’t need glycerine bar soap, just glycerine will do.

10. Add extra ingredients

Remember to add honey or moisturizing lotion to make your soap skin-friendly. It will also help in making your soap smell good. You can also use about a dozen drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils each to have a naturally antibacterial soap. Stir till it’s all mixed together. So now you know how to make liquid bath soap.

We always come across queries such as – how to make liquid soap in Ghana, or for that matter, any other region. There aren’t any different processes to make soaps in different countries. Soap is soap, no matter which region you are from. Of course, brands and quality may differ, but the process of making soaps do not change according to countries or areas. After reading this article, you can make your own liquid soap, no matter which country you are reading this from.

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