Smartphone brand, Xiaomi launches showroom in Ghana

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The smartphone brand, Xiaomi (MI) has launched its first showroom in Accra, Ghana with an intention to knock off competition from other smartphones that have dominated the Ghanaian market.

According to the Chief Executive of DeviceTech, franchise owners of the Xiaomi brand in Ghana and other West African countries, Hassan Mikati, this will be achieved through the affordability of the sleek and durable Mi products.

“This brand is very high-end, packaging wise, specification wise… Quality-wise, our brand is much better, and [other brands] can’t compete,” he said during the opening of Xiaomi’s first showroom in West Africa.

Mikati said the products have been well-received by the Ghanaian market. “Our prices are much affordable as compared to our competitors. Our quality is one of the best. We are number one in Europe, we are number one in Asia, and we will be number one in Africa,” he said.

The showroom showcases Xiaomi’s home appliances like vacuum cleaners, TV sets, electronic scooters, rice cookers, portable speakers, Xiaomi range of smartphones, and others.

Mr Mikati said Ghana was chosen because the country has a very good potential in smartphone and technology usage, “Ghana is developed, the network is very good. Ghana likes smartphones and smart gadgets. That is why we chose Ghana”

He said six more retail shops will be opened in the coming months at Kumasi, Accra Mall, Circle among others.
Xiaomi was founded by Lei Jun in 2010. It prides itself on its “ecosystem” strategy, where they sell not just smartphones but also a variety of gadgets and household products. It began expanding into Western Europe in 2020.

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