The Best Internet Service Providers in Ghana

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Teledata ICT Limited

Teledata ICT is one of the leading providers of high speed internet in Ghana and conventional telephone services. The service serves over 45,000 standard users as well as more than 2,000 business customers. Teledata also has a 3.5 GHz wireless network covering eight regions in the country.

Busy Ghana

The company launched Busy 4G in 2016 in the cities of Accra and Tema to offer the best quality internet service to its consumers. By employing the latest wireless broadband technology, Busy seeks to empower its customers through reliable internet connectivity regardless of location.

Surfline Communications Limited

Surfline has grown to become one of the leading providers of 4G internet in Ghana. It was the first 4G LTE company in the country and works with strategic partners such as Huawei, IBM, and Microsoft. LTE being quite a new technology, Surfline seeks to be a leader in Africa since only a few companies offer this service on the continent, and is arguably the fastest internet network in Ghana.


Broadband Home Ltd is Ghana’s first Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Provider. The Company took 48MHz of the then MMDS frequency and rolled out a Wimax 802.16d in December 2003.

BBH is not only the most reputable quality broadband provider in Ghana, but also a leading provider of highly sophisticated and intelligent IP services with impeccable optimization and throughput for high end enterprises and the SOHO customers.


Since 1999 K-NET is fully licensed by the National Communications Authority for provisioning of data and internet services nationwide. K-NET today employs over 100 personnel and is present in several West African countries.

K-NET is the one stop shop for all managed network and internet solutions within the West African sub-region, using different products according to the needs, peculiarities, preference and location of clients. We tailor specific solutions for you and manage your network as well as the internet access.

Iburst Africa

iBurst Ghana is an internet service provider currently serving customers around the Accra/Tema Metropolis region, which started in April 2008. This protocol uses smart antenna array to enhance radio frequency (RF) coverage as well as the system’s performance and capacity.

MTN Ghana

MTN 4G has the most extensive coverage of its kind in Ghana available in all the major towns. The service promises impressive speeds on mobile, modem, router and the MTN 4G MiFi to ensure customers fully enjoy their internet usage.


Vodafone Ghana is a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc and has been operating in the country for a long time. It ranks second in Ghana when it comes to market share after MTN and has received numerous awards for excellent service.

Telesol Ghana Limited

Telesol 4G is one of the fast growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Ghana offering best value broadband nationwide. Telesol 4G is the latest 4G service to hit Ghana with our promise of reliability, speed and data rollover. Telesol 4G covers more of Ghana and provides the fastest speeds with the best 4G network.

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